Nordic Blend™

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This upscale selection of sweet and crispy baby whole lettuce heads allows the consumer to mix and match lettuce varieties to make unique taste and color combinations with each salad preparation. Field-packed for freshness, these robust, curly and frilly leaves provide excellent lift on the salad plate, for a substantial plate height appearance. They can also stand up to creamier dressings without wilting, so you can use your favorite flavors.

Nordic Blends™ Features:
  • 4 Red and 4 Green petite whole lettuce heads
  • Sweet and crispy baby lettuce flavor profile
  • Rich and colorful upscale appearance
  • Versatile, for use in salads, wraps and sandwiches
  • Superior nutrition provides high levels of Vitamins
    A and C, plus iron and fiber
  • 4 Head Clamshell will make 8 side salad servings
Nordic Blend™
Product Size Pallet Size
**Baby Nordic Gems™ 4 ct Clamshell 85
4 lb Carton 144
**Nordic Blend™ 6 oz Bag 72
**Available in Conventional Only