Merchandising Tips

It is always the goal of Classic Salads to ensure our customers are supported with helpful information and materials that help drive sales. Through careful research and evaluation, we recommend the merchandising of our products follow these guidelines.

Maintaining Freshness
Maintaining optimal freshness of Classic Salads products is critical to strong department sales. Refrigerate between 34°-36°F and always keep products keep packages dry and sealed. Calculated rotation of product will also ensure quality.

Proper Handling
Proper handling of produce ensures a great looking display that draws consumers in. Handle Classic Salads products care as fresh-cut products bruise easily.

Inviting Displays
Paying attention to creating displays that are inviting is good practice in all areas of the produce department. Keep key shopping times in mind and provide your shoppers with stocked displays.

For point-of-sale materials or other in-store support please contact our sales staff.