Classic Salads, LLC was born as a result of more than 20 years of innovative, forward thinking and keen insight into market trends, to become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

1983: Lance Batistich Farms began growing produce in Watsonville, CA. His first commodities were Rhubarb, Sugar Peas, Squash and Green Beans.

1988: Lance Batistich Farms changed its name to Classic Farms. Classic Farms moved to their current location in Salinas, California.

1990: Lance’s 80-inch crop bed and machinery are born, changing the industry. This innovative concept doubled product output and cut harvest time in half. As a result, virtually all the baby green growers in the Salinas Valley have adopted Lance’s model. The 80-inch bed has proven successful and remains the overwhelming standard in growing practices today.

1995: Successful growing of Spring Mix and Baby Spinach led to the creation of Classic Baby Vegetables (CBV).

2000: In March of this year, Classic Salads, LLC, was formed to process and ship washed Baby Greens year round.

2003: Classic Salads launched its first conventional retail line of Spring Mix and expanded its product line with Spinach and Arugula.

2004: Specialty baby gourmet items, as well as an impressive array of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables began being offered by Classic Salads to foodservice and retail customers.

2007: Classic Salads introduced its organic foodservice line of Spring Mix, Baby Spinach and Arugula.

2008: Classic Salads added retail clamshells to the organic line. In efforts of bettering our Earth, Classic Salads reduced its power consumption by 30% by converting the production plants’ electrician machinery to an automation-controlled system.

2009: Organic Kale and Organic Healthy greens were introduced to our ever-growing organic line.

2010: Classic Salads, LLC celebrates its 10th anniversary and proudly introduces its new retail product line.

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